In 1987, a group of committed persons conceptualized an organization that would serve the poor of our society by addressing their social and psycho-emotional problems. This group initially held a consultative meeting in Tagaytay which was composed of the following grassroots workers: Fr. Nilo Tanalega SJ, Fr. Miguel Lambino, SJ, Sr. Celeste Yuzon, RGS, Lita Bambilla, Francesca Bustamante, Raphael Ocoma, Terasa Dalumpines, and Titay La Viña,  It was in 1992 that UGAT intensified its work for the OFW.

Mission. Vision. Goals.

Every individual is a child of God whose psycho-spiritual needs must be cared for within the context of a strong family and an empowering community of the children of God. We consecrate, therefore, our pastoral expertise and experience in integral human development to the service of the individual, the family and society, with special preference to the poor and the marginalized. We shall actively harness to the fullest the psyche of the Individual, thereby strengthening the well-being of Families and building an empowering community of faith, a society of human persons under the counsel of God.


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